Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear African members of United Nations Associations,

Following the message we sent you few weeks ago where we express our desire to be more active and working to address the issues on our African continent, we hereby open an online discussion site where all the African UNAs can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. As we all know, we need to talk in one voice to advocate for our continent at the Plenary Assembly in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to organize any forum for our African Forum to take resolutions before this coming Plenary Assembly. This electronic forum will help us to make our suggestions about what are the views to defend for the continent. The following are the questions we want all the UNAs to discuss and bring good ideas.
Focus points:
1- What are the strengths and the weakness of the African UNAs in the last three (3) years?
2- Where do we want to put our common effort in the process of taking lead on the Sustainable Development Goals?
3- Where do we want to see the African UNAs in next three (3) years?
4- What are our expectations from WFUNA?
5- How can all the African UNAs constitute a group of pressure to influence the decisions regarding the development issues, human Rights issues, socio-economic problems in the continent?
6- How do we want the Federation to assist the African UNAs finding sources for our activities?

All the constructive ideas are encouraged.

Thank you,
Joel Dossa